Day 1 - Policy Programme


Title Presentation Audio
Welcome - Gerry Whitford  NA mp3icon.gif

Keynote Address - Mr. Chris Glaze, President, AOC - Concepts and Operational Considerations for 21st Century EW

LTGEN David Hurley, AC, DSC, Vice Chief of the Defence Force - Systemic Electronic Attack – Facing up to the Problem NA mp3icon.gif
AIRCDRE Andrew Dowse, Director General Integrated Capability Development - EW and IO – The Warfighter’s Requirement and the Defence Capability Plan  NA mp3icon.gif
Dr Jackie Craig, Chief Electronic Warfare and Radar Division, DSTO - Future EW – Drivers, Challenges and the S&T Response pdf2.gif mp3icon.gif
Mr Mark Reynolds Head, Industry Division (HID) - EW as a Priority Industry Capability mp3icon.gif
Mr Kim McCleery - EW, a Strategic National Capability   mp3icon.gif
Mr Jim McDowell, Chief Executive Officer, BAE Systems - A View from Industry NA mp3icon.gif
Mr Alasdair McInnes, Research Leader Electronic Warfare & Radar Division DSTO - Distributed EW Situational Awareness and Response mp3icon.gif
Mr John Clifford OBE, JMC Defence - Emergent EW Challenges, a view from Europe mp3icon.gif

COL Laurie Buckhout, US Army - EW and the Land Force, a view from the US

Captain Jeff Goedecke, Royal Australian Navy, Director Project Phoenix - Project Phoenix
Mr Dana Perkins, Boeing & Mr Chris Salter, Northrup Grumman - Airborne Electronic Attack  

Day 2 - Policy Session 3

Title Presentation Audio
Dr Duncan Craig, Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance Division, DSTO - EWISR Integration
Group Captain Wayne Johnston, Department of Defence - New Directions - Force 2030 Outcomes mp3icon.gif
Mr Ian Hoskin, President, AOC Australian Chapter - Closing Comments and Convention Closure NA mp3icon.gif

Day 2 - Technical Programme Streams

Replacement CD ISO File

 Ballroom A Ballroom B
An Information and Communications Technology view of IO Multi-Spectral Infrared Countermeasure (MUSIC)
Cyberspace IS Different EM Simulation of Naval EW Elements
Technology Transition Meeting the Requirements of Small Ships ESM in Tomorrow’s Operational Environment
Modelling the Effectiveness of Multiple EA Systems in Task Group Protection AAR-60 Collaboration
Simulation of Electronic Warfare Systems Coordinated With Hardkill Options on Maritime Platforms EOSIL Developments
Evaluating the Benefits of Networked EW Systems The Technology and Roles of EO Threat Warner Simulators
An overview of some ‘Insurmountable Opportunities’ for RF Electronic Warfare Generic EW Core
Radar Signature Management AWD EW Architecture
Passive Coherent Location using DVB-T transmissions Moderated Discussion: Open Electronic Warfare Test Architecture - no material.
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