Dr Brad Ferguson is currently the Combat System Chief Architect for the Air Warfare Destroyer Project at Raytheon. In this role he is responsible for the technical design integrity of the Combat System and provides technical leadership to the 100+ strong engineering team responsible for the design, specification, procurement, integration and testing of the Combat System for Australia’s Air Warfare Destroyers. He has a particular emphasis on the AWD EW suite, carried on from his previous role as the EW Project Lead.

Brad Ferguson has over 14 years of experience in EW industry. Prior to his current role at Raytheon, he worked in Tenix’s Electronic Systems Division on several EW projects including the Cuttlefish Radar Electronic Attack system, the SIDEARM photonic link augmentation for EW receivers and the MENACER radar.

Brad Ferguson has BE and PhD degrees from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Adelaide. He is a past recipient of several awards including the AOC Industry Award, the South Australian Tall Poppy award, the Fulbright Scholarship and the Engineers Australia SA Young Professional Engineer of the Year. He has authored and co-authored more than 25 peer-reviewed publications and has been accepted into the US-based Raytheon Engineering Leadership Development Program. His research interests include radar and EW digital signal processing and THz imaging.

Brad seeks to enhance the rejuvenated AOC General Meetings program to support networking and information exchange between members and ensure that the 2014 AOC Symposium maintains the high standards for which it is renowned.

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