Australian Chapter of the AOC Awards - 2008


The 2008 awards were made to the following recipients:

Ross Treharne Trophy - Brian Gatfield

Brian worked tirelessly as a Board member for many years and provided invaluable assistance for past Conventions and organising guest speakers for AOC General Meetings. Brian was involved in the ALR-2002 program during its early development phase plus he spent many years working in the EWPO. Brian also ran the Canberra AOC sub-chapter for many years.





ADF Certificate - FLTLT Piotr Baizert (Nominated by WGCDR David Cox)


This award recognises your outstanding contribution to the field of Electronic Warfare and acknowledges specifically your dedication, professionalism and considerable achievements as Widebody Electro-Optic Engineer, JEWOSU in support of widebody and rotary wing aircraft. In particular, your dedication to duty in support of Missile Approach Warning Systems currently fitted to ADF aircraft continues to ensure that maximum protection is provided to deployed ADF aircrew.


Defence Civilian Award 1 - Caroline Brown (Nominated by WGCDR David Cox)


Outstanding Contribution to Australia's Maritime Electronic Warfare Capability
This award recognises your outstanding contribution to the field of Naval Electronic Warfare and acknowledges specifically your contribution to improving the capability and effectiveness of both new and existing EW systems in operation on RAN platforms. Your dedication, ingenuity, tireless work and leadership of the JEWOSU Navy EW team have greatly enhanced Naval EW knowledge and capability.



Defence Civilian Award 2 - Chris Lewis (Nominated by Mike Bell)


Chris has led the Air Countermeasures Section within RFCM Group for about 7 years. During that time, as part of the Australian Airborne Countermeasures Team (AACT), he has led a large number of countermeasures trials both in Australia and at overseas facilities. As well as planning and conducting the scientific aspects of the trials, he has been instrumental in the development of the processes and procedures for conducting countermeasures trials, the development of data logging and analysis tools and the development of trials infrastructure. This infrastructure has included a state of the art radar techniques generator, and the recent upgrade to the ECM Testbed that has delivered to DSTO and the RAAF a world class capability for testing advanced countermeasures techniques.

Industry Certificate 1 - Shayne Bainbridge (Nominated by Claude Messina)


Shayne has had significant involvement in the following programs at Tenix:
1. Hardware In the Loop System - The EOCM HWIL system is a critical part of EW infrastructure for the ADF. Shayne was a key developer of this system as part of this employment with DSTO and since joining Tenix he has continued to be instrumental in further enhancements.

2. Threat Systems and General EW Expertise - Shayne is probably as close as you can get to a walking version of Janes.

3. DIRCM - Shayne has been the senior engineer on our DIRCM program since it started several years ago and a key member of the DIRCM Phase 4 team. This team was responsible for the success of the DIRCM flight trials which took place in early April. Shayne was responsible for DIRCM control system amongst many other parts.

Industry Certificate 2 - Victor Florea (Nominated by Claude Messina)


Victor has had significant involvement in the following programs at Tenix:
1. Mallina Development - Victor was responsible for the original Mallina development in 1999 and this is the same system produced today. Victor continues to be the technical manager/expert for this product today. Mallina has been one of our most successful EW products, used in almost every air range around the world and successful against every missile warner in service today.

Mallina has allowed aircrew to be trained and MAWS systems evaluated before going into harms way.

2. EO Stimulation Expertise - Victor would have to be one of the leading experts in MAWS, LWS in the country if not the world. He was also responsible for the development of a Laser variant of Mallina for use with LWS. Victor's expertise in this field has been called upon many times by the ADF to help solve problems and support trials with MAWS/LWS systems. His evaluation of systems in the lab, field and flight and development of threat profiles has significantly enhanced our EW capability. Victor's general EO knowledge and skills in such areas as atmospheric propagation and optical design has also been used to solve a range of problems over the years. Eg. Victor was instrumental in the IR radiometer development which was successfully demonstrated in the recent DIRCM trials and is a key asset in the ADF CMD&V program.

3. Fibre Laser Development - More recently Victor is the technical manager and lead optical engineer for the F-MURLIN CTD. Victor's contributions have already had a significant impact. Victor is largely responsible for transferring this technology from DSTO into Industry.

Industry Certificate 3 - Laurence Cowie (nominated by Ben Larson)

Peter Jenkins accepting the award
on behalf of Laurence Cowie


Laurence is the Engineering Manager at Jenkins Engineering Defence Systems. A summary of some of Lawrence's achievements include the following:

  1. Designed and developed the shipboard ELINT Microwave Antenna System (MAS-224) for the BUNYIP Adonis program.
  2. Designed and developed the Periscope Antenna Unit (PAU) for the Collins Submarines which is the primary intercept antenna for the CS-5600 ESM and the legacy CESM Systems.
  3. Was instrumental in establishing the in-service support (ISS) infrastructure at Rockingham WA for the through life support of the CS-5600 ESM System, now fitted to all Collins Class Submarines.
  4. Designed and developed the lightweight broadband multifunction intercept antenna (MFIA) with single RF feed with frequency coverage from 2MHz to 18GHz. The MFIA is now used by Defence for land and sea COMINT applications.
  5. Currently developing a Low Band ESM DF Sub-System as part of the Commonwealth Concept Technology Demonstrator (CTD) program.

It should be noted that through the seemingly tireless efforts from Laurence in recent years, the RAN have now accepted the CS-5600 ESM into naval service.

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