Glen has always been passionate about Electronic Warfare and the further development of the capability and the profession within the Australian Defence environment. He has worked development, production and support programs in both air and land domains. This includes his initial university Honours thesis on the state of Millimetre Wave radar in 1992, and 6 years with Air Force working on P3s and at EWSQN.

Over the course of 18 years in industry at BAES, Glen became an expert on Radar Warners, ESMs, specialised receiver systems, Counter-IED and directed energy damage weapons through ALR-2002, Echidna, AP-3C ESM, JSM, Wedgetail and JORN6 mid-life upgrade bid. Glen has instructed the UniSA Masters of Systems Integration course, internal BAE Systems SYSENG courses and is keen to train and mentor the next generation of EW practitioners. In 2016, Glen established a company, SENGEW Systems, to encompass Systems Engineering in the ISREW realm and currently works as an above-the-line contractor in the AIR555 Project Office planning the delivery of a new airborne ISREW platform. Glen has also recently jointly established and is a Director of a new company LIME Solutions, to provide Logistics, ICT, anagement and Engineering solutions to Defence capabilities.

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